Amsterdam is about to ban Airbnb in busy areas

In a bid to make Amsterdam better for its residents, the government is looking to ban short-term Airbnb rentals in the city’s busiest areas.

Such a move could make it trickier to find accommodation if you’re heading to the Dutch capital for a weekend at some such as Shelter and De School.

Tourist tax is set to raise €105 million a year by 2022 as well.

The move has been pledged by a coalition four parties hoping to become the city’s new government. However, it’ll probably have more an impact on boozy stag and hen parties, rather than well-behaved ravers. Other plans include cracking down on beer bikes, Segways and rowdy boat trips.

Yvette Hman the GroenLinks green-left party said: “We have to ensure the city stays liveable for all residents. This is a subject that really matters to residents, who have felt under attack by increasing crowds, partly due to Airbnb and illegal hotels. They have complained they no longer know their neighbours and a tourist] monoculture in the centre. This is about balance.”

Tour guides will also be hit by the plans as boats will have to dock outside the city centre and anyone holding a tour outside the red light district will need a permit.

Obviously this crackdown on tourism doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with the from London.

Last March we reported that . A house also recently got put on lockdown because .

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