Australia’s biggest vinyl collection is up for grabs!

A whopping 80,000 strong vinyl collection is up for grabs, so if you’re a wax lover, time to count your pennies.

The collection was that the late and legendary Ken Perkins, who had been collecting records for over 50-years and recently passed away. His renowned collection has been passed down to his daughter Natalie Perkins, and as reported by it is set to sold f.

So what would 80,000 vinyl records set you back, you ask? Well, Perkins enlisted Antiques expert Dr Daryl Sparkes to help put a number on it but it’s proving to be no easy task.

“I would have to say this is the most impressive and largest collection I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot collections.” Dr Sparkes said, adding that “you would have to go through each individual album and rate them for quality and also for rareness and then you’d be able to work out a price.”

Australia’s biggest vinyl collection is up for grabs!
A small portion Perkins’ collection. (: Lucy Murray for ABC)

“There is jazz here, there is blues here, there’s surf music, there is ’50s rock and not all collectors collect all that. It would be easier to sell it in sections rather than all in one go.”

So what does Dr Sparkes recommend? Well with some records dating back over 100 years and in perfect condition, he says the collection should become a national treasure, and we bloody agree! Read more on the collection and Ken Perkins . How does your vinyl collection weigh up to this?

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