Beirut​ nightclub The Gärten reopens its doors

The famed Beirut nightclub has announced that it will be reopening its doors this Saturday.

The globally recognized dance music destination was back in May after a video Quran verses being played inside the venue, allegedly by German DJ , circulated on social media – which prompted Governor Judge Ziad Chebib to order its closure.

According to Chebib, the reason behind the closure was because the venue was “lacking proper registration and promoting material that fends religious beliefs”.

Today, the club shared the news on social media that it would be opening its doors. To celebrate, The Gärten has booked legendary techno DJ , who will play from 10 pm till 6 am the following morning.

Check out The Gärten’s social media post and watch the trailer for mini-documentary series on Beirut’s exceptional dance music scene below. Episode coming soon!

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