Denon DJ's new media player adds motorised vinyl: Watch

Denon DJ have announced a new media player in their PRIME range – the DDJ-SC5000M. What makes the new unit unique is a new, real 7″ platter on top of the jog wheel, giving the user genuine vinyl feedback. The platter is adjustable for torque and tension, while all of the feature from the DJ Mag Tech Award-winning unit – the SC5000 – remain. 

A new feature called Instant-Doubles lets users copy the currently playing track onto another layer on the same player, or to another palyer entirely, moving music around seamlessly. Of course, all the other features like the dual layer outputs, 7″ multi-touch screen, RGB performance pads and everything else we loved about the 5000 is still there, now with added feel of real vinyl. Gotta love the innovations Denon are bringing to the table. The new players will cost $1899 and will be available Q3 2018. 

Watch the video below, which feature Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales showing off the unit at a recent DJ Mag live stream. 

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