Electric Forest Staff Is Still Cleaning Up The Mess

Electric Forest 2018 has come and gone, but unfortunately some of its attendees have left a huge mess behind. Crews are still picking up the music festival’s grounds nearly a week after the event wrapped up — and local residents say cleanup could take weeks.

Apparently some people were too busy with two weekends worth of laughing, dancing, partying, and great music to clean up after themselves. Any sort of “leave no trace” memo must have gotten lost in the shuffle. (Read The Festival Guy’s solution, “leave no trace +1,” here.)

“Now that the people are gone there’s just a lot of debris everywhere I see crews picking it up. But, It’s a big task.” – Randy Smith, Rothbury resident

It should be noted, Electric Forest was shut down and the venue evacuated due to severe weather last Sunday. High winds rustled campsites, throwing pop ups and tents all over the place. So, it’s possible some of this leftover debris was part of that chaos.

However, according to locals this is an ongoing problem Electric Forest has seen in years past.

“We see it every year. It’s out there for weeks more this year than normally and it’s just a nuisance and it smells sometimes when you get to it.” – John Turpin, Rothbury resident

Clean up of the camp grounds is the responsibility of Electric Forest organizers and staff, not the Double JJ Ranch. Soon enough, the festival grounds are expected to look as good as new.

“Give it a week there won’t be so much as a cigarette butt out in any of those fields.” – Holly Hallack, Double JJ Resort employee

This should serve as a message to everyone — next time you head out to a music festival, make sure you clean up after yourselves. Learn about Electric Forest’s Electricology program here.

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