How to properly DJ a warm up set with Kyro!

Local DJ legend Kyro has put out a video aimed at up and coming DJs who he thinks are playing opening sets wrong.

The video itself is a wealth of knowledge, filled that classic Kyro charm we know and love. He gives 5 tips that all DJs (beginner or otherwise) should follow when warming up for a main act, you can read them just below.

1. Don’t just play all the big hits think about your set!
2. Do your research on the headliner, adjust your set accordingly (none of their tracks, or tracks that they’ve been playing recently)
3.  Play songs that reflect your set time, you’re there to build energy for the headliner
4. You can play songs without vocals, you don’t need every track to be vocally driven
5. Have fun and remember it’s not about you, it’s about the room!

We think these tips are pretty handy, check out Kyro’s video below and tell us what you think, did he miss anything?

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