Kuuro – Doji – Dancing Astronaut

6 Dec

Bass brethren Luke Shipstad and Jordan Post, otherwise known as , have returned to with their latest malevolent fering, “Doji.” The dubstep-leaning duo, first debuted on the eclectic Canadian label in 2016 with their melodic, yet forceful, “Aamon.” The two have ventured down a variety  nondescript bass-heavy genres, growing their fan base through ficial remixes for a wide-ranging catalog prominent artists, including , , , and .

“Doji” demonstrates the duo’s deep-seated affinity for Asian culture, which is substantially audible in the track’s sound design and ambient instrumentation in the interludes. The drop then thrusts the listener into a darker, foreboding realm vehement sub-bass.

Kuuro - Doji - Dancing Astronaut