Matchy & Bott inject mystic beauty into re:deep's 'One'

Germany’s re:deep creates “soulful-vocal-house.”

Through a most aptly-withheld moniker, re:deep burrows into the underground melodic house ecosystem. Comprised DJ and producer Michael Schreiber, Patrick Lins, and singer-songwriter Claudia Fink, the group is becoming increasingly celebrated for their organic amalgamations melodic house and ethereal electronica. One might say re:deep’s the embodiment “going against the grain,” as they’re astonishingly distinct. They also branch out without using a single outside artist sample.

The mantra “quality music with depth and soul” is in the very fiber their beings. re:deep’s most popular tune, “Walked-On Wood,” after all, is even vocally reminiscent early .

In 2013, re:deep dug deeper than ever before, when Schreiber created his Vordergrundmusik label in an effort to achieve audio-autonomy. Presently, he’s doing just that, as re:deep’s preparing to release a new album In Between. Before the new release, re:deep’s dropped f a remix EP for their track “One,” featuring Oh Sleep. The “One” remix EP exemplifies a singular beauty from its selected artists, in the same vein how re:deep too creates. The group’s stamp approval on the newly-minted reworks is a heightened display their acute awareness what makes a track recognizable in the first place.

The most notable rework the track comes from the rising house duo Matchy & Bott, which consists Björn Martin Bley and Yannik Bott. Although the two just recently started producing together, the producers both already have experience in the music scene spanning over the last eight years.

Matty & Bott’s near eight-minute rework “One” is an aptly singular venture. It capitalizes on divine elements euphoria in its emotive string orchestrations and progresses in a slow-burning, tribal house fashion that’s sure to be the one for quite a few after hours or sunrise/sunset sets.



re:deep’s One EP will drop on December 15 Vodergrundmusik.

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Matchy & Bott inject mystic beauty into re:deep's 'One'

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