Nicolas Jaar To Drop New Release of Sirens LP on December 8th

Nicolas Jaar To Drop New Release  Sirens LP on December 8th
Nicolas Jaar never takes a rest and we are grateful for that. Just about a month ago, he shared some insights about his , and today he’s just announced Twitter that a new deluxe edition his LP Sirens will be coming out on Friday, December 8th.

Sirens has been the second ficial studio album by Nicolas Jaar, released on September 2016 under his label Other People. The album has received generally good critics, and it has even been named the . By putting a lot creativity to work when producing a track, Jaar is known to combine personal life experiences, historical movements and even politics into his music style, which results in a mix sounds that is hypnotizing and powerful at the same time.

In the announcement, the Chilean-American producer also shares that this special edition will feature three new songs that were not included in the first issue the album (but were created at the same time the record), thus creating some expectation among fans and followers on the social media. Although we haven’t heard these songs yet, we are positive that they will have Jaar’s unique imprint as a distinctive stamp.





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