Over 3,500 MDMA capsules confiscated at Sydney music festival

Authorities in Sydney have issued a statement claiming they confiscated more that 3,500 MDMA capsules at the Midnight Mafia music festival this past weekend, stating this bust was “one the largest we’ve seen”.

According to , 13 people were arrested for drug related fenses at the event which was held at Sydney Showground on Saturday. Among those charged include a 21-year-old woman who had nearly 1,600 MDMA caps, a 21-year-old woman with close to 550 pills and a 19-year-old woman who had about 200 MDMA caps.

Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera spoke on the drug related busts that took place: “We saw more drugs seized today than recent events, one the largest we’ve seen, which clearly shows our messaging is not getting through. I am extremely disappointed with these results; however, we will continue to conduct these operations at upcoming festivals throughout the year. Those intent on bringing illicit drugs into these events will be caught, charged and put before the courts.”

Reports coming out the Midnight Mafia festival also reveal that 256 attendees sought medical treatment during the event. Three people were transported to the hospital to seek further treatment.

This news come just days after it was revealed that “deadly” substances were found by the landmark Australian pill testing operation. Read that report

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