Paris Hilton’s Ibiza residency may be over, but she has an album in the works

Preppy blonde, Chihuahua lovin’ Paris Hilton has wrapped up her Ibiza residency at Amnesia. Sad.

Although she won’t be missed, Paris Hilton has not only finished up her residency but she will also be leaving the island altogether. Hilton has thanked her fans for their loyalty. “We have lived five wonderful years in Ibiza, a very special place for me, but that is now over…Ibiza is a magical island. I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager. I feel like if I were an island, I would be Ibiza. It’s fun – the energy, the music, the people.”

As she bids farewell to Ibiza, reports have stated she could be hitting up a couple on-f shows on Balearic Island Mallorca.

Paris Hilton has also stated that she could be releasing a deep-house, techno-pop’ album. Interesting combination yet curious to find out how it’ll go down…

Check out a video her doing her thing in Ibiza (if you want to).

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