Party Thieves and JayKode – Origin

2015 was a HUGE year for Party Thieves and JayKode; both producers came out with killer tracks last year. Party Thieves released tracks such as Rise, Chief, W.T.F and more. You could say it was a jam-packed Trap year for him. JayKode had huge releases in 2015 including Beehive, Release, Whoop! and more. JayKode had a full year of Classical Bass tunes! Starting out 2016 with a huge release from Buygore, the two collaborated to release Origin!

Party Thieves and JayKode – Origin

Fans have been impatiently waiting for this track and for good reason. Party Thieves and JayKode absolutely killed the production on this collaboration between the melodies, drops, heavy 808’s, and huge snares. Origin is going to be a track that you’ll be hearing a lot of in festival sets this season. The internet just might explode from this one because of how heavy the drops and 808’s are in this killer Trap track. If you weren’t a Trap fan before, I am sure you are now. Don’t forget to support Party Thieves and JayKode and purchase this track from either Beatport, Spotify, or iTunes!

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