After “Hold” released earlier this summer, London-based electronic pop artist Seekay is releasing a second single titled “Fall,” in memory of one of his dearest friends who passed away. It is no exaggeration to describe “Fall” as a state of the art electro-pop track that might very well make it to the top of the charts in the coming days. Seekay is a mysterious artist who doesn’t like to expose himself for anything else than his work. He disagrees with the cult of personality era we live in, and rather focuses his energy on the essence of music, poetry, and art in general. “Fall” features vocalist Chloe’s sublime voice, that the audience previously heard on “Hold,” and confirms the successful potential of this very compatible collaboration.  After “Hurts,” “Wonderful,” “Candlelight,” and “Hold,” “Fall” is one example of Seekay’s visionary art, and a song home to melancholic vibes that will move your souls.