Remember that dazed doofer and his rave queen? Well we tracked him down!

After the ‘dankest’ blog and social media elites released a video earlier this week a punter looking pretty dazed and travelling a million miles into his own subconscious, the public were quick to jump into the comments to tag friends and share the video. The 10 second video racked heaps views and likes and with the power social media and the help our followers, we managed to find out who the do punter was and got in touch with him to ask a couplah questions about the wicked time he was having. Introducing…Freddy Stone!

SR: First f, where were ya?

FS: I was at Strawberry Fields

SR: What was the highlight Strawberry Fields?

FS: The Organic Audio stage was up there with the best. 

SR: Do you go to dos ten? If so, which ones do you go to?

FS: I’ve only been to 3 dos and I’ll continue to go.

SR: In the video that got released Brown Cardigan, can you pin point what was going on in your mind?

FS: I couldn’t really tell you what was going through my mind…just happiness! Luckily I had my girlfriend there to come back and drag me along or I would been there all day! She really is my rave queen… Shout out to the rave queen].

SR: How does it feel to be getting a lot attention on the internet? 

FS: I have never had this much attention ever! It’s really something different but a good different for just being myself! Well… as in my ‘do’ self.

SR: One more thing to ask…can you remember which artists stood out the most at the Organic Audio stage?

FS: Mate, I couldn’t really tell ya but it was just full good Techno. Maybe Handsdown Leigh Boy.

Can confirm that the track below by Melbourne DJ/Producer Handsdown goes hard.


So when’s the next big do? You’re looking at Subsonic Music Festival up in the bush in Barrington Tops. No signal for days (literally…unless you’re on Telstra). For the first time, Subsonic has completely sold out and with a stellar line up internationals such as Pearson Sound, Mr. G, Andrew Weatherall, Seba plus a huge number locals reppin’ our dance scene, we’re not surprised that tickets got snatched up quickly. The 3-day festival kicks f next Friday and punters are gearing up for a huge weekend ahead them! The best part? Having a dip in the river next to the River Stage, soaking up the sun, booze and solid tunes. Check out the After-movie from last year below.

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