REVIBE yourself with a new energy gel that’s carefully catered to ravers

Ever felt like your legs are gonna give way on the dancefloor? Well, no more.

Sports nutrition company REVIBE has created a gel that keeps you energised by providing you with carbohydrates and electrolytes, refuelling weary feet so you can keep in tip-top shape all the way to the closing set.

It works for a one-off event, a prolonged party programme at a festival or 24-hour raves and is suitable for vegans.

The straightforward sesh science replaces muscle glycogen stores, allowing you to continue caffeine crash-free and become an afterparty maestro.

It contains a B-vitamin-based formula that’s curated by professional sports nutritionists, where endurance sports have long been reaping the benefits of such substances.

It comes in lemon and lime flavour for now, with orange, blackcurrant and strawberry planned for release soon.

Find out more here and have a watch of the teaser vid below.

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