REZZ Will Focus On Production & Ease Up on Touring in 2018

REZZ Will Focus On Production & Ease Up on Touring in 2018

When a DJ’s career really starts to take f, it goes without saying that their touring schedule is chaotic as they want to showcase their talents to as many fans as possible. REZZ is no exception; she has been touring for years now, alongside some the biggest names in the electronic dance music scene, and has become one the most popular female producers worldwide. Starting in 2018, the rising star has announced that she will be more focused on the overall production her tracks with a more manageable touring schedule. Although her army followers may not be physically seeing as much as her, we are positive that the tunes will be better than ever!

The beloved Canadian musician hasn’t really had a break since her explosion popularity a few years back. As many you can relate, when one does not have much time to focus on themselves, or more importantly, on their passions, it absolutely takes a toll on a person. I think that we can all agree that if the ‘‘ artist takes a moment to step out the limelight in order to better her music and herself, there is nothing stopping her from becoming an even more impressive & dynamic icon.

REZZ’s ficial statement can be found below:

We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the techno-electro DJ. Until then, we would like to extend our appreciation to her as she has discussed a touchy subject to the world: the importance taking care oneself. Kudos!

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