Skrillex and Japanese cycling company collaborate on fresh workout soundtrack

Have you got the winter blues and need some inspiration to start getting your body shredded for summer? Forget the clichéd 8-week summer body transformation program at your local gym and get in shape  Skrillex’s new collaboration with Japanese cycling company, Feelcycle.

The über successful American dance music producer, whose real name is Sonny Moore, has teamed up with Feelcycle to create an epic playlist used in their Japan based spin rooms.

Not only has Skrillex curated the beats, but the multi-award winning artist has also compiled a workout to accompany it. In a slightly cringeworthy introduction video that you can watch below, Skrillex provides some encouraging words about the workout.

‘It’s a little hard, but i know you can do it.’

Wow, we sure do feel inspired Sonny. If you’d like to access this workout you might be out of luck… Unless you can read Japanese or live in the region, you might have to take time for a sojourn over in Eastern Asia.

If you don’t have that sort of commitment to your rig, catch Skrillex at Listen Out Festival across Australia in September.


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