Someone has kicked off a petition to bring Stereosonic back

Stereosonic has been gone for 2-years now, and as most of us still mourn the loss of the mighty, dance music extravaganza, someone has taken it upon themselves to kick a petition into action to bring it back.

The eager punter shared the petition with us directly over the weekend, and we presume it sprung to their mind after seeing the amount of interest on an old Stereo poster we shared on Friday. Timing, right?

The description of the petition is straight to the point, reading: “After a brief hiatus its time Australia’s largest music festival returns. With Stereosonic now only a distant memory and nothing worthy left to shred for, it’s time to bring it back.”

Stereosonic called it quits back in April, 2016 and has been quiet ever since. Could we see a return in the near future? That’s up to you!


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