Superfunk’s remix for “Remember 2017” by Julien Scalzo will take you straight to the beach!

French producer Julien Scalzo is back with a great house remix, that you will love from the first play. Superfunk’s latest club version the original “Remember 2017” featuring the vocals Paolo Mezzini, sounds sad, dark but also powerful and groovy. The warm vocals will be the main actor this remix, giving the direction and vibe the entire tune for the whole duration it. What I like most about this rework is the fact that even if it’s not the type mainstream house that we keep hearing these days, it’s also not too underground, making it an easy listening and course perfect for any summer party. Everything flows great, our French producer combining classic house sounds with warm layered pads and sweet piano lines, especially on the break part. This remix right here could be the perfect choice for your summer playlist, so go and check it out !

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