SURPRISE! Empire Of The Sun just dropped an EP

The lords electro-pop Australia, Empire Of The Sun have just shaken up our week with a surprise drop a new EP titled On Our Way Home. It’s only been a year since their last release Two Vines, plus Nick Littlemore has been killing it with Pnau recently! Well, if Nick wants to continue being a manic workaholic that can only benefit us with more amazing tunes, so thanks Nick!

The EP features a lead single the same name, another new track, and a couple tasty remixes their tune Way to Go from last year’s release. It’s a nice little snack to keep us excited about these guys, even if they shouldn’t have, we’ll take it.

The group have also given us a video for the title track, which is an otherworldly visual delight directed by Japanese director Nobumichi Asais’, just what we expect from the ambitious artistic genius that backs this band.

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