Swindail reveals he is putting music to the side in open letter

Swindail has shared an open letter to his fans over night, detailing his decision to put the brakes on the project in order to better his mental health.

The Sydney-based producer went into detail on how he has been suffering from depression, and that his interest in things he loves, including music, has dwindled as a result.

“I can say without a doubt I’m the worst i’ve ever been mentally right now” he explained. “I’ve lost interest in virtually everything (even making music brings me no joy now) and I spent a big chunk 2017 wishing I was dead, having tried several times.”

He went on to note that music will always be his passion, but right now he needs to put all his energy into his health. “I’ll always be making music in one way or another, but I think putting the brakes on and starting over might bring about some much needed positive change for me… Swindail is this projection sorts, like my best qualities / ideal self but at this point it’s a facade – I can’t eat cheesecake and smile ear to ear while I’m wasting away mentally.”

You can read Swindail’s full post right .

As fans and friends Swindail, we are extremely proud to see that he is putting his health first and taking to time to focus on it. It is so important – particularly in the electronic music spectrum where mental health ten takes a back seat – that artists, managers, promoters etc put health first. Too ten the lifestyle this industry demands forces us to disregard health (physical or mental) and our health and well being should ALWAYS come first.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious or just need someone to speak someone, there are outlets that are always open. Here are some we recommend below.

Beyond Blue: 




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