Sydney’s Nyxen shares pumping new track ‘In The City’

Sydney producer/singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nyxen has unleashed a large track into the world today. With all original instrumentation and produced completely herself, this is a full manifestation talent and creativity emerging from the bedroom.

It’s a large track, very textured and pulsating with a driving pace. There’s some industrial tones with a bombardment instrumentation that emerges in the chorus but it feels natural, not abrasive. It’s a very well put together piece electro-pop, with a maximal approach that’e executed tastefully, a very refreshing take on the style in the current landscape Australian pop-electronica. We can expect to see a lot ground covered in her future material because there’s just so many chops here.

Her vocals are st and don’t jump out in bombast as much as the instrumentation, which is a nice contrast and helps balance the track out. It proves that Nyxen knows how to manage her chaotic creativity, and create something that displays lots ability but doesn’t feel like an exercise in virtuosity.

She’s recently picked up 1 million spotify plays on her previous work, and recieved a #1 placements in the triple j Unearthed dance charts, so people aren’t sleeping on her. Get on the hype for Nyxen, she’s on to big things and we need someone this daring in modern poptronica.

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