Aspire to Inspire 222: Sj

12 Jan

(Original Photo By: ) The latest installment the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, hit theaters in December to record numbers. One the prevailing themes the movie was burying the past, looking toward the future, and an inherent belief that … Read More »

Two Friends Took A Leap Of Faith Post College

30 Nov

(Original Photo By: ) Aspire to Inspire Live Episode 37: Two Friends Matt Halper and Eli Sones, aka Two Friends, will share how they took a leap faith post college graduation to follow their music dreams. WATCH HERE:   

Aspire to Inspire 218: Nicky Romero

15 Nov

If you’ve been listening to electronic music for several years, longer than the term EDM has been around, chances are you’re familiar with Nicky Romero. The Dutch DJ/producer is an absolute legend in the scene. Along with guys like Avicii, … Read More »