Q&A: Current Value Have Been Running a Crazy Multimedia Show and They're Ready for U.S. Audiences: Get Ready for CVAV [Videos]

28 Jan

In 2016, Current Value, birth name Tim Elliott, was knocking out one massive single after another. He was featured on Noisia radio so many times, in fact, that if he’d put every CV clip from Noisia Radio on his own … Read More »

NËU News: Phace and Signal to Release NEU002 on January 26 and NËU Premieres 'Consonance' Their Damn Selves

16 Jan

“Because course they did,” should be the answer to why NËU, the label Misanthrop and Phace transitioned the erstwhile Neodigital Recordings to late last year, decided to premiere one the two tracks on Phace and Signal’s forthcoming single on their own … Read More »

Your EDM Premiere: The Prototypes – Electric (Mind Vortex Remix) [Get Hype Records]

30 Dec

Is it just me, or does 2017 seem like the year consistent, relentlessly- stunning remixes some the most already magnificent tracks our current year? It seems like around every corner there’s a fresh one that’s already begun its hearty trek into … Read More »