Q&A: Seattle Bass Music Prodigy Levitate Talks Concepts, Video Games and How He Came to Release His 'Collapse' EP With Noisia

16 Feb

Levitate is easily set to be the next big thing out the U.S in drum and bass. How do we know? Because Noisia say so. Easily the breakout early 2018, Levitate’s Collapse EP, out earlier this month, stunned the drum and bass … Read More »

KUURO Announces Debut Tour, Drops Ultra-Heavy Single "Omen"

14 Feb

KUURO is unstoppable. Even before the duo lifted the veil and revealed themselves to be the acclaimed trance producers Juventa & Luke Shipstad, KUURO had already risen to become one  Monstercat‘s most beloved acts, continually blowing listeners away with their impressive sound … Read More »

Playlist: Task Horizon Talk About Their Five Biggest Influences Ahead of 'Overclocking Reality' EP [Eatbrain]

3 Feb

Task Horizon took a bit a hiatus since their last big releases on Blackout and Overtech Music in 2016. They just released a single in December on Evolution Chamber, “Forbidden Planet/Rogue Transmission” as sort a steppy preamble to their upcoming … Read More »

FelMax and WiDE AWAKE Team Up for “Take It All” on Spinnin’ Premium!

29 Jan

The newest release from Spinnin’ Records is the smooth and groovy “Take It All” from FelMax and WiDE AWAKE. Venezuelan rising talent FelMax draws influences from RnB legends as well as modern electronic music’s future house sounds to produce his ear-pleasing debut on Spinnin’. The track opens with subtle melodies … Read More »