Q&A: Disprove Gives The Straight Answers on His Technical Process on the Heels of His 'Hard Problem/Automatic' Single [MethLab]

7 Feb

It sounds strange to call any producer a “darling” a label like MethLab, but since his release the acclaimed EPOCH EP on the hard neuro label, that’s sort what Disprove has become. With EPOCH and now his more recent single, “Hard Problem/Automatic,” Disprove … Read More »

Playlist: Task Horizon Talk About Their Five Biggest Influences Ahead of 'Overclocking Reality' EP [Eatbrain]

3 Feb

Task Horizon took a bit a hiatus since their last big releases on Blackout and Overtech Music in 2016. They just released a single in December on Evolution Chamber, “Forbidden Planet/Rogue Transmission” as sort a steppy preamble to their upcoming … Read More »

Q&A: Mindscape Talk Neuro, Sub Bass and Marrying His Love of Sci-Fi With Eatbrain's Zombie Vibes in His 'Reanimator' EP Series

3 Feb

The Hungarian producer known as Mindscape formed in 2002 when neurunk was just getting its own identity separate from darkstep and techstep. This would likely explain the group’s jumpy beat style married with heavy sub bass. Ramping up this combination … Read More »

Q&A: Current Value Have Been Running a Crazy Multimedia Show and They're Ready for U.S. Audiences: Get Ready for CVAV [Videos]

28 Jan

In 2016, Current Value, birth name Tim Elliott, was knocking out one massive single after another. He was featured on Noisia radio so many times, in fact, that if he’d put every CV clip from Noisia Radio on his own … Read More »

NËU News: Phace and Signal to Release NEU002 on January 26 and NËU Premieres 'Consonance' Their Damn Selves

16 Jan

“Because course they did,” should be the answer to why NËU, the label Misanthrop and Phace transitioned the erstwhile Neodigital Recordings to late last year, decided to premiere one the two tracks on Phace and Signal’s forthcoming single on their own … Read More »

Your EDM Interview: Akov Gets Real on Time, BPMs and Genre-Bending, Proving He May Truly Be a 'Shapeshifter' [Eatbrain]

7 Dec

Even though his second EP on Eatbrain released over a week ago, Akov’s Shapeshifter is still popping up on Social Media like mad, with critics, labels and fans discussing its big sounds and atypical beats. In one four-track EP, Shapeshifter contains classical … Read More »

Your EDM Premiere: Merikan's New Single 'Untameable/Counter-Insurgency' Goes Worldwide Friday, 11/16 [MethLab]

15 Nov

Talk about a slow burn: “Untameable/Counter-Insurgency” dual single by Merikan was released for MethLab’s inner core way back in October, so if you want new ML releases quick-like, it pays to . After that, a slow tease began with streaming … Read More »