Kölsch releases ‘1989’ the final chapter of his album trilogy on Kompakt and is heading to Australia [Interview]

16 Nov

Kölsch returns to Kompakt with the third and final chapter in his autobiographical album trilogy, featuring contributions from Gregor Schwellenbach with the Heritage Orchestra and Norwegian vocalist Aurora. With new full-length , Kölsch presents the final chapter an elegant, anthemic album … Read More »

Your EDM Premiere: Merikan's New Single 'Untameable/Counter-Insurgency' Goes Worldwide Friday, 11/16 [MethLab]

15 Nov

Talk about a slow burn: “Untameable/Counter-Insurgency” dual single by Merikan was released for MethLab’s inner core way back in October, so if you want new ML releases quick-like, it pays to . After that, a slow tease began with streaming … Read More »