There is an 87-hour Rave happening in Berlin this weekend… of course

If your looking for a bit more a night out than a Sydney-sider on any given weekend, then Berlin’s Griessmuehle is the place to book your next flight to.

Celebrating it’s seventh birthday, the club is rolling through big names through the event that is going to start for the most ready ravers at 10pm Friday the 18th and then going right through to the Tuesday May 22nd. Non-stop!

Berlin being the Mecca big raves, this one will knock your socks f with artists from ‘3am Jazz club’ maestro Dan Shakes, Murat Tepeli, Franklin De Costa, Galaxian, Credit 00, Slam, Mama Snake, The Persuader and Intergalactic Gary.

The former grain mill will be the place to be tomorrow, so if your out and about over the weekend and happen to be in Berlin,  give it a good go!

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