This new breathalyser can detect cocaine in minutes… Yikes

Apart from the copious amount talent coming out the music scene this year, there’ve been some serious developments to keep punters safe from illicit drugs use and overdoses. With Australia seeing its first and successful facilitation pill testing at Canberra’s Groovin The Moo, science has taken it to the next level where developers at the University Buffalo have developed a new device that detects cocaine within minutes.

The breathalyser uses inexpensive microchip technology, costing around 10 cents to make, and has the ability to detect a variety chemicals traced through breath, urine, blood or saliva. The technique, dubbed surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, is not a brand new invention, however this new development will enable faster detection for less cost.

Although this news might wig some you out, you can’t help but feel a little impressed with it.

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