This new mix charts the history of early ‘90s trance

Luca Lozano, the German multi-genre producer and DJ, has put together a classic ‘90s trance mix that aficionados of the genre won’t want to miss.

Lozano has put together a 90-minute mix focusing on early trance, as a revival of trance sounds continues to be heard across dancefloors not typically dedicated to the genre around Europe.

Lozano has been a prolific producer for the last eight years, producing three albums and 21 EPs, while also DJing in London, Berlin, Lyon, Amsterdam and Moscow in the last three months alone.

A compilation of ‘90s trance that sounds better slowed down was also put together by Vladimir Ivkovic, a known purveyor of the genre, which you can enjoy here. 

While the download limit of only 100 has been reached for the mix, Lozano states: “Tracklist available in person. Come find me!”

The mix can be listened to in full here.

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