Voting for Monstercat's "Best of 2017" Compilation Is Now Open

The musical year is rapidly coming to a close, which means EDM labels worldwide are gearing up to release their “Best 2017” albums.

One the most anticipated compilations this type is consistently Monstercat‘s, year after year after year. This anticipation could come from a number different factors, but one the most crucial factors has to be that Monstercat gives their tightly-knit fanbase control over how the album’s tracklist turns out through a democratic process.

With their “Best 2017” voting this year, things look a little bit different. Rather than having fans vote which tracks they loved this year, Monstercat is having participants select their 10 favorite artists from the last year, then picking out their favorite release from that artist. Since each artist is only allowed one spot on the tracklist, the end result should prove to be pretty diverse.

This year’s changes also include a live leaderboard what artists and tracks fans are voting for. Grant is currently topping the chart with his song “,” followed very close by Pegboard Nerds with “.” While the list is subject to change, it is a bit strange that some the year’s most popular releases (“” and “,” for starters) are not currently charting. We’re very interested to see how this progresses.

Check out the leaderboard and be sure to while you’re at it. Voting closes today (12/7) at 11:59PM PST.

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