If you’ve been paying attention to the EDM social media-verse recently, chances are you’ve stumbled across the name Moonboy more than once. Whether it be his youtube production tutorials, live streams or one of his legions of loyal followers spamming the chat, this young, blue-haired producer is turning some heads.

There’s a certain kind of wild infectious energy about each piece of content Moonboy puts out, whether it be a vlog or his music, the personality comes across. Moonboy gives us an insight into the day to day life of a young upcoming producer in such an unfiltered and raw way, there’s no wonder so many fans have already joined his cause.

This week Moonboy casually dropped another raucous banger on us. Speeding things up to 175bpm for some jump-up drumnbass craziness. Aggressive sound design and melodic vocal chops come together to form the same kind of visceral energy an early Skrillex might have cooked up. Check it out below…


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