Above & Beyond Calls Out Trance Community Over Obsession with This One BPM

As much as 128 is connected to house, 140 is connected to dubstep, and 150 is connected to hardstyle, 138 has always been connected to trance. However, these numbers — beats per minute, or BPM — always started out as rules and evolved into something more like guidelines later on. Except, apparently, for trance.

138 has become such a focal number in the genre that Armin van Buuren, one of trance’s foremost legends, has a song actually titled, “Who’s Afraid of 138?!” Yesterday, Jono Grant of Above & Beyond addressed the fandom’s obsession with the number:

The obsession with a single BPM number (138) is just ridiculous and misses the point. The first records we made together ranged from around 134 to 140. Yes a lot were at 138, but so what? Getting hot and sweaty specifically about 138 is proper face-palm material.

It’s unclear exactly what prompted the need to make a statement about this, but it’s brought up some apparently much-needed conversation in the community.


Photo Rukes.com

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