Best sites and subreddits for music producers and artists

Music making can be an endless vortex of being pulled in 100 different directions creatively. The places to learn from other musicians, artists and producers online is so vast that it can have your head spinning as to where to start, but don’t worry we have you covered with some of our top rated production communities to check out so you personally don’t have to do the hard yards!


Starting off in one of the stronger places to pull your information, is the subreddit r/AdvancedProduction. What makes this such a strong contender is just the quality of questions asked. With top posts of the week sitting on the question, “An important look into when you need to tune your kick drum. Article starts off basic, but explores some deeper concepts.” which goes into why tuning your drums is the spine of a song and when you should or shouldn’t do it. A personal point of interest found on this subreddit is the discovery of a thread titled ‘what were the biggest “aha” moments of your career‘ which reveals, in the comment section of the thread, a video that is like the Bob Ross of mixing music which you can check out ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here and it’s surprisingly informative.


Next on the list is r/Audioengineering. This beast of a subreddit is a little more in depth in terms of what you might need to know as a producer, and is more geared towards an engineering platform but still one that you will like to know about no less. Here, you’re likely to learn about things like why the plugin Pro-L is good for bus limiting and a 7 step process on how you can get ?t=2m34s” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>this effect that was used in ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Phil Collins infamous video.


We have kept it hot so far and we will continue that trend with the subreddit r/MusicTheory. Music theory is something that artists are likely constantly progressing on, with a community of people to have your back on how to get around some of the trickier parts of being an aspiring artist which you’ll wander how you did without it. You will learn interesting little gems like why repeating a song over and over will make you anticipate and tire your ears so you won’t want to listen to it anymore – amazing!

Best sites and subreddits for music producers and artists


r/Drumkits finds its place in this list as a personal fave and one we are sure a lot have probably tried at least once. If electronic music is something you follow it is very likely you will find one of your favourite producers drum-kits posted on the site. Personally found a Noir Sounds kit on here years ago and haven’t looked back!


Last on this extensive list could be one of the best out of the lot. Win win situations are what drives good websites, and the website splice gives the artist a chance to sell their sounds and producers the benefit of exposure to a variety of intriguing sounds, all available through credits that your $18 monthly subscription includes. Another good thing that this website has cleverly done is that they have made a downloadable desktop app that has all the same features as the website and lets you download right into your DAW, no hassle at all. Not stopping there; the site gives you the advanced ability to search by BPM – do we even need to continue writing about this or are you not on the website already. After finding the right tools here, you could be releasing music on your own label in no time!

If your sources for music production lessons are sorted, say no more! Learn more about on tips to using Ableton Live to perform music…  live!

That’s it for now but is there any other sites you recommend for good information on music? If so give us a comment below.

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