Briguel Release Astonishing New Single Titled “Who Do You Wanna Be”

YC based artist couple Briguel just released their latest effort, “Who Do You Wanna Be”, a major single perfectly reflecting what the duo has been cooking in-studio these past months.

Following “Red Ropes”, “Life Is A Lesson”, and “Without Darkness”, “Who Do You Wanna Be” might be their most subtle masterpiece so far, a brilliant song where topics of fatherhood, violence, and mistakes are addressed with high emotional intelligence and great lyricism.

A modern Pop-Hip-Hop single, “Who Do You Wanna Be” incorporates everything we love about music; beautiful melodic instrumentation, deeply meaningful lyrics, and astonishing vocal deliveries by both Brianne and Miguel, who continuously innovate when it comes to soundscapes and sonic textures.

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