Coldplay Soundtrack a Ballroom Dance in Video for 'Cry Cry Cry'

Coldplay soundtrack a couple’s romance in the for “Cry Cry Cry,” a track from their latest album Everyday Life.

The clip was co-directed by actress Dakota Johnson (who is also frontman Chris Martin’s partner) and Cory Bailey, with choreography by Celia Rowlson-Hall. Filmed at London’s Rivoli Ballroom, “Cry Cry Cry” follows a couple through the beginning stages their relationship to their twilight years, dancing all along the way.

Coldplay released Everyday Life, their first double album, this past November, and have shared the singles “Orphans,” “Arabesque,” “Daddy,” “Champion the World” and “Everyday Life.” They previously performed “Cry Cry Cry” on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Shortly after releasing Everyday Life, the band announced that they have put a pause on touring the album until they can feasibly tour with zero carbon emissions.

In a Rolling Stone interview with Jann Wenner, Chris Martin described the newfound vulnerability that the band had to tap into in order to record Everyday Life: “Between you and me and everyone who’s watching, we had to grow a bit balls to be able to do this one,” he said. “It’s the first time we really said what we think about some things. And it’s trying to be empathetic and it’s a bit unfiltered. It’s completely unfiltered. It’s very raw and pure.”

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