Diplo Does Shots with Guy Fieri & Shotguns Beer In The Music Video for His Country Song

Diplo continues his country kick and takes us behind-the-scenes of Stagecoach with his new music video for “So Long” featuring Cam.

Many of us will instantly recognize the festival grounds and Ferris wheel signature of Coachella, but that’s also where they throw the massive country event, which Diplo recently played. Stagecoach doesn’t look too much different than Coachella, but the soundtrack is entirely different. “So Long” is the vibe.

The DJ/producer already has his country name, Thomas Wesley, on lock. Here, he demonstrates he can fit right into the lifestyle by crushing beer cans, tearing around in golf carts, rocking camo and a cowboy hat.

In addition to his collaborator on this track, the new music video features cameos from Billy Ray Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Guy Fieri and more. Keep your eyes peeled!

Diplo – “So Long” feat. Cam

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