EDC’s Founder Reveals New “Galactic Forest” for 2019 Festival [VIDEO]

Compared to final yr, EDC Las Vegas is a month late, as of as we speak, in releasing the lineup for 2019. We’re not tremendous anxious, nevertheless, since we all know it will likely be superb it doesn’t matter what. But we’re getting just a little impatient. Perhaps to appease followers, or possibly for no motive particularly, Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella shared pictures of a brand new space at EDC on Instagram.

Dubbed “Pixel Forest,” the world seems to steer right into a walled-off part of the venue, adorned by pixelated blocks and sure loads of fairly lights. Lit up IBC tanks may also be used to fill in a few of the bigger “pixel” areas.

There’s no telling but what precisely the Pixel Forest will probably be used for — whether or not it’s a chill spot for attendees or one other space for music, or possibly it’s even going to be within the Camping space.

More info on EDC Las Vegas is anticipated imminently. We’ll share information the second we’ve it.

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Photo Ivan Meneses for Insomniac

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