Ekali Plays Out New Skrillex ID & It's A Certified Trap Banger

New Skrillex incoming! One of our first glimpses into the long-lasting producer’s up to date soundscape comes within the type of this huge new ID courtesy of Ekali.

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He might need began off brostep, however this new manufacturing proves Skrillex is a lure lord as effectively (in case you had any doubt). Of course, the producer is a chameleon with regards to music, taking up any style he so wishes and executing each time.

Deep horns and electrifying bass parts drive this heater into uncharted Skrillex territory. Some vocal chops sweeten the temper, however this ID is 99% heavy. If we heard this dwell at Ekali’s present firsthand, we’d in all probability nonetheless be selecting our jaws up off the ground.

Ekali not too long ago mentioned he heard the brand new, unreleased music from Skrill and “it’s very fucking good.” Brownies & Lemonade confirmed that notion — “if u suppose new music from skrillex is coming quickly.. ur completely proper and it’s gonna change the sport [sic].”

Listen and tell us what you suppose… We suppose this must launch now.

Ekali playing new Skrillex heater last night from trap

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