FIRST LISTEN: Kill The Noise Teases Remix For One Of Skrillex's Classic Bangers

We’re so unused to listening to new Skrillex dubstep, we wouldn’t be stunned if you happen to forgot basic like “Ruffneck” was even a factor. And but, the basic is on the verge of revival if this cheeky teaser from Kill The Noise is any indication.

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Yesterday on Instagram, KTN uploaded a pair brief clips of an Ableton venture file which, by all accounts, appears to be main as much as a drum & bass drop on “Ruffneck.” Plenty of Skrillex tracks have been remade into larger tempo bangers, however this one is very delicious, much more so given KTN’s historical past in D&B manufacturing as Ewun.

Insomniac just lately introduced a Kill The Noise & Friends present in Los Angeles at Exchange – we’re not saying that Skrillex is unquestionably going to point out up, however we’re not not saying that, both. If you’re within the space, I’d make it some extent to get a ticket.

Check out the teaser KTN’s Instagram under!

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