Get Supercharged With Johnny Yono — Only The Beat

Lange Recordings favorite, Johnny Yono, who just finished the massive Lange 200 collab, is the first one out the gate with a new release and is setting the bar incredibly high with the apply names “Supercharger”. To Yono followers, songs of this scale are nothing new, as the producer has made his name with blending trance and bigroom dance music, and while “Supercharger” does exactly that, there’s plenty of heart in this track as well. Thanks to the powerful chords in the very symphonic breakdown, your emotions get a supercharging too. But going back to the size of this beat, one really cant stress enough how far Yono pushes the envelope. At times you might feel as though your listening to hard dance, its that ferocious. They don’t make em bigger than this right here.

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