Kendrick Lamar has thrown some major shots at Big Sean, Jay Electronica and French Montana on a recently leaked song.

Kendrick Lamar Disses Big Sean, Jay Electronica and French Montana on Leaked Song

On Thursday (Sept. 7), another version of Kendrick Lamar‘s previously released song “Element.” made its rounds on social media. The leaked record, which can be heard below, interpolates SOB X RBE’s “Paramedic!” and finds K-Dot throwing shade at Big Sean, Jay Electronica and French Montana. The 36-year-old rapper also mentions Drake and Meek Mill’s beef in one part of his verse. Moreover, Lamar spits, “Drake and Meek Mill beef might got you gassed up.”

Some fans believe this version of “Element.” is A.I.-generated because a snippet of the same verse was released online in 2019 but with a different beat. See those reactions below. In the other version of “Element.,” Kendrick also calls himself the King of Hip-Hop and says “You’re my son, go to your room.”

On the 2019 snippet, Kendrick Lamar only mentions Big Sean. The rapper talks about Sean’s album, Finally Famous, and alludes to some of Big Sean‘s dating history. Sean dated Ariana Grande in 2014, and coupled up with actress Naya Rivera in 2013.

Big Sean keep sneak dissing, I let it slide/I think his false confidence got him inspired,” Kendrick Lamar raps. “I can’t make ’em respect you, baby, it’s not my job/You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boy)/Cute a*s raps, get your puberty up.”

HipHop-N-More first reported on the unreleased diss in 2019. The website has since reported on the newly leaked version of the track.

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Why Did Kendrick Lamar Diss French Montana?

At the beginning of the rapper’s new unreleased version of “Element.,” K-Dot tosses lyrical jabs in French Montana‘s direction due to past comments French made about Lamar on The Breakfast Club.

French Montana speaking on me in interviews,” Kendrick Lamar raps. “Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve.”

In 2016, the Moroccan-American rapper went on The Breakfast Club and explained why Kendrick Lamar‘s music gains more attention than street rap records after host Charlamagne Tha God asked him why street rap songs aren’t selling like Kendrick’s. The video can be seen below.

“They position him, like they did at the Grammys, as the new music,” he told Charlamagne Tha God at the 16:44-mark of the video. “It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do. But you see like the whole thing was like Kendrick night.”

French Montana continued: “That album don’t sound like nothing that’s out. The whole hip-hop game don’t sound like that. They put him on that platform so they can shift music towards that direction.”

Kendrick Lamar Goes Off on Jay Electronica on Leaked Song

At the 0:11-mark of the new “Element.” version, Kendrick Lamar goes in on Jay Electronica as well.

Jay Electronica threw silencers on my GRAMMY night,” Kendrick delivers. “Another dead Prophet hoping the God’ll give ’em life.”

His next line of disses is aimed at Big Sean, who reportedly took shots at Lamar on “No More Interviews.”

“And I’m just not impressed by you n***as rapping fast/Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when I’m rapping it back,” Big Sean delivered in the aforementioned song. “Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rap.”

Kendrick Lamar‘s song “Element.” dropped in 2017. It can be found on K-Dot’s album, Damn. 

XXL has reached out to Kendrick Lamar’s team for comment.

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Listen to Kendrick Lamar‘s disses below.

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