Johnny Yono Ascends Into 138 — Only The Beat

Johnny Yono Ascends Into 138 -- Only The BeatJohnny Yono proved he can make uplifting gold when he unleashed the mechanical banger, “Pulverize”, on Damaged Records last year. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, it highlighted everything we love about the Yono brand of dance music; dark, electro infused, driving trance music. Now showing off a brighter outlook and following a slew of renowned progressive masterpieces, Seid Van Riel takes him aboard to host his return to the higher tempos with Orpheus Ascending.

Johnny feels right at home with Reilism, a label known for its euphoric energy and resounding class, yet never overdoing it with the cheese factor. Orpheus Ascending certainly fits this bill and has plenty of grit thanks to its heavy, aggressive bottom end, and it manages to keep the focus on the wonderfully composed melody by trading flashy chords for stellar, airy atmosphere. One of the most solid and listenable 138 tunes of the year that no trance fan will deny and being that it’s already been a go-to track for Seid Van Riel, Dan Stone, and Guiseppe Ottaviani, one could predict Orpheus to Ascend very, very high.

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