King's College London needs volunteers for a new MDMA study

Researchers at King’s College London are looking for volunteers to try out a new non-invasive screening test for the detection of MDMA.

Participants will deposit sweat a fingerprint placed onto a single-use sweat test cartridge, which will determine the presence of MDMA. No information or material will be retained and the identity of the individual is not preserved in anyway.

Applicants will need to use MDMA or recreational drugs, be over 18 years of age, speak English, be able to give written informed consent and be available to travel to central London.

Two sweat samples and an oral fluid sample will be required, in addition to a short self-report questionnaire about recent use so the researchers can work out the window of detection of the test.

If interested in applying, please email for more details.

[Image: Maurice Mikkers]

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