Lord Payback Makes An Energetic Comeback & Drops 3 Songs

There’s a lot of pressure for comeback artists to be stellar. But often, if the artist manages to express his talents and remind listeners of why they were following him, the comeback is considered to be a success. Rapper and singer Lord Payback’s comeback falls into the this category. Over the course of three songs that range from succinctly powerful to more sensual and flirtatious, Lord Payback re-introduces himself as an artist possessing both skills and tremendous amounts of courage and perseverance.

Backed by a production of the highest quality, Lord Payback shares his vulnerability on ”Get Sexy For Me”. The two other tracks, “Payback”, and “Here I Come”, are much sharper and straightforward in explaining Lord Payback’s intentions and reasons as for why he is coming back in the rap game today. His deliveries range from angry and defiant to a more naturally confident state of mind, his best revenge.

Despite having been absent for a while, Lord Payback exposes and reminds us of  his full potential. His polished performances prove that he is a rapper to watch for closely this year and for the coming years.

Lord Payback –  Spotify

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