Marshmello's End-Of-Year Spotify Numbers Are Truly Insane

Marshmello had his greatest 12 months but: 2 billion streams, 114 million followers, and 117 million hours of listening in 65 nations to be actual. This, based on his huge, 12 months finish Spotify Wrapped stats.

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It’s no marvel, as a result of in 2018 alone the masked DJ/producer put out a complete album, Joytime II, plus a slew of singles and massive title collabs. “Spotlight” with Lil Peep, “Friends” with Anne-Marie and “Happier” with Bastille, simply to call a number of. All of which contributed to Mello’s big 2018.

“made it out I made them imagine,” he says in a short assertion. “thanks to the mellogang, I really like you all @Spotify.”

So what’s 2019 seem like for Marshmello? The sky is the restrict.

I made it out I made them imagine 🙏🏼 thanks to the mellogang, I really like you all @Spotify

— marshmello (@marshmellomusic) December 6, 2018

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