Martin Garrix's Face Is All Over Back-To-School Supplies for Kids

Martin Garrix has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world, so it’s no wonder they’re out here repping him whenever possible — even with their back-to-school gear.

Pictured below you’ll see all Martin Garrix everything… at least when it comes to school supplies. Notebooks, stationary, calendars and what looks to be a zip-up pencil holder all rock the producer’s logo and likeness, making perfectly branded materials for any fan of his music.

This goes to show Garrix’s straight up superstar status. He is the #1 DJ in the world after all.

From what we can tell, these school supplies are only available in the Netherlands. But, we’re positive no matter where these end up they’ll be a sure hit! Maybe this will even make fans more dedicated to their homework, who knows!

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