Michelle Obama Shares Workout Playlist: Lizzo, Cardi B, Beyonce

Following Barack Obama’s picks for his favorite music 2019, has shared her own playlist workout staples, including tracks by Lizzo, Cardi B, Beyonce and more.

“It’s about that time when New Year’s resolutions get a bit harder to stick to,” Michelle Obama tweeted Sunday. “To fer a little inspiration, I want to share my go-to #WorkoutPlaylist with you. These songs always seem to give me that extra boost to get through my toughest workouts. What’s on your playlist?”

The former First Lady’s workout playlist is divided into two sections: Upbeat R&B and (clean versions ) hip-hop tracks for the actual physical portion, with more laidback songs for the “cool down.”

Obama’s workout mix includes Childish Gambino’s “3005,” Lizzo’s “Soulmate,” multiple Bruno Mars hits (“Perm” and “Finesse (Remix)”), three Cardi B tracks (“Press” and her appearances on “South the Border” and “Finesse”) and more, while the “Cool Down” boasts Frank Ocean (“Godspeed”), Pink Sweat$, Meek Mill with Elle Mai and others.

As First Lady, Obama guided the White House’s Let’s Move! public health campaign that encouraged a healthier lifestyle and combatted childhood obesity.

Check out Michelle Obama’s full workout playlist below:

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