Nervous City | Nervous Self Releases New Single | “Anthem”

Swedish act Nervous City | Nervous Self releases a brand new single titled “Anthem”. As usual with him, the music is full of poetic gems sprinkled here and there, and the lyrics enter the listener’s spirit with utmost grace and smoothness. The Swedish artist continues his artistic journey with style, and declares his commitment to this “one man show” that life is, by a short verse that summarizes it all perfectly; “I’ll stay here till I go”.  

“Anthem” blends electro-inspired textures with indie in a brilliant way, offering some extremely subtle sonorities that carry the effect of calming even the most anxious listener out there. A striking track with healing properties for the soul, Nervous City | Nervous Self’s latest release is an immense work of art, one that will exponentially expand the Berlin based Swedish artist’s community of listeners.

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