Obongjayar sends a message to "God's Own Children" –

After announcing his new EP Which Way Is Forward? at the end last year, Nigerian-born, London-based artist Obongjayar begins the new year with  “God’s Own Children” which serves as the follow up to his previous singles “Frens” and “Still Sun.” The eclectic act taps deep into his Nigerian roots to deliver this anthemic and uplifting track about self-realization. 

The record starts with an ominous gospel hum backed by tumbling drums that switch into sparse claps as Obongjayar’s verse comes in. In his own distinct style, he rouses his listener with the fervor a cleric spilling the truth to his congregation. He reminds “God’s Own Children” the challenges ahead as he writes “...This place is ugly, don’t let it rob you the grace on your face and your body.” just before the song rises to a plateau with heavy rhythmic drums and rock-infused guitars. Obongjayar adds that the song is inspired by protests from around the world and Nigerian dance moves which he says resemble some form protest.
“God’s Own Children” can be streamed on all DSPs here ahead the release Which Way Is Forward? on February 7 September Recordings. You can also get tickets for his upcoming tour dates here.
Upcoming Tour Dates:
2/13 – Paris, France @ Pop Up Du Label
2/14 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg Up
2/23 – Manchester, UK @ YES
2/24 – Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade

2/26 –  London, UK @ Village Underground

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